AI-powered Burnout detection for Companies and Teams

We help companies to prevent employee burnout in time, improve efficiency and
reduce the number of dismissals.

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Awesome Features

Manage your team using our insights. We help you to detect problems at the early stages.

Burnout detection

Understand your team and improve efficiency for the best results. Detect problems in the very early stages and cope with them.

Dismissal prevention

Businesses lose a lot of profit because of dismissals. We offer a solution on how to detect and cope with this problem.

Team efficiency

We help you to understand your team engagement and satisfaction. Using our insights you can make the right decisions.

Easy to use

Get reports in an understandable format, we will do the rest of the work.

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Burnout detection

A lot of employees around the world quit their jobs due to burnout. Our algorithms analyze thousands of your project metrics for insights. We use our massive datasets to observe the situation to make the right conclusions. Datasets are constantly being enriched using impersonal data to help your team & project. Overcoming burnout becomes a crucial advantage for successful companies.

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Dismissal prevention

It's no secret that companies lose up to 2.5 times an employee's annual salary if a key employee leaves. The prevailing reason for dismissal is professional burnout. We help to diagnose the problem in time and maintain motivation and involvement of key employees.

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